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pixarlims's Journal

pixar lims challenge
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a non-eliminating icon challenge


This is a non-eliminating icontest based on communities such as disneyrumble and hp_grand_test. As opposed to eliminating challengers per round, a cummulative score will be used to determine the winner. If you are interested in joining, the sign up post is located here!!


1. All icons must be turned in by the deadline set at the time of each challenge. If there seems to be a problem getting icons turned in, the date may be extended. Otherwise, all challenges not entered will cost 1 skip. Each challenger is allowed two skips and seeing that each challenge will be put up with plenty of time to turn in icons, that should be more than enough.
2. Each challenge will have a first, second, and third place winner along with a mod's choice icon. 5 points will be given to the first place winner, 3 to the second, and 2 to the third. The mod's choice will receive 1 point and the won points will be tallied at the end to decide the winner of the round.
3. Out of the 10 challenges, you will only enter 8 of them. This allows you to have some free space and keep you from feeling totally restricted during the challenge.
4. Icons must, of course, meet all LJ standards, meaning 100x100 pixels, 40 kb. Animated icons are fine and all blending, text, and brushes are allowed unless otherwise stated.
5. Icon submissions must be anonymous and you cannot upload your icons anywhere else until after the challenge.
6. I assume this is a given but please do not vote for yourself or coax all of your friends into voting for you. This should be as far as possible and it'd be great if everyone practiced good sportmanship.
7. Seeing as every community needs help getting the world out, those who pimp the community in their journal or anywhere else with the use of a banner (and given proof) will receive an extra five points to start out (that's equal to one first place win!)

If you'd like to affiliate with pixarlims, please comment here.


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